Brno Del Zou Photography

The last photographer that I have chosen to look at for this project is Brno Del Zou. I decided to look at their work because I thought that they had a really interesting style.

I believe that one of the reasons that I enjoy their work so much is because they are not afraid to make the models look strange and ‘un attractive’. I think that a lot of photographers today focus too much on making the person they are photographing look beautiful that they actually hold back on making amazing photographs. However with Brno Del Zou you can tell that they are actually enjoying what they are doing . Another reason that I like these photos so much is that it reminds me of the aesthetic that old Japanese horror movies used to have. There was a lot of focus on eyes and grey scale.

My favourite piece of Brno Del Zou’s is the first picture that I have added to the gallery above. The reason that I like this picture so much is that it really stands out from the other pieces in the collection. I believe that the reason for is is that the model they used was an older man whereas the rest of the models are young men and women who look quite similar. This again helps the photos stand out from what is being done today in the photography world.

Much like the other photographers that I have looked at for this project I am left feeling that there is not really a piece that I do not like about Brno Del Zou’s work. All of their work is interesting and again it harnesses that classic horror vibe that I really adore.

In terms of my own work I will try to bring in elements of this ‘classic horror’ style that I have mentioned before. I don’t think that I will make all of my eight required photos in this style because I do not want to over do it but I will definitely attempt it a few times.

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